Where and when can I use Telemedicine and what is the cost?

When to utilize an online doctor visit via telemedicine

The simple answer is, an online doctor visit is equivalent to a typical face-to-face visit with your primary care or an urgent care physician. GuruMD Urgent Telemedicine can be utilized just about anywhere at anytime. There are so many benefits to the future of medicine… telemedicine. More specifically, online doctors are capable of diagnosing and treating most common illnesses including the flu, strep throat, and the common cold. But is that it? No, not at all, online doctors are able to treat so much more…

GuruMD’s online doctors also see patients for allergies, sinus infections, acne, gout, anxiety, asthma, nausea, skin infections, UTIs, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, and the list goes on. In fact, it may be easier to point out what the online doctors at GuruMD don’t treat. What telemedicine does not treat are emergent issues. True emergencies that require hands on service where time is a consideration between life and death. Our doctors have ER experience and will direct patients to the emergency room when necessary.

Visit www.gurumd.net to get more information about what can be treated through Telemedicine.

But what about blood work, x-rays, imaging, and other orders? Online doctors can’t do that, right?   Wrong!

Not all online physicians are created equal! GuruMD is leading the charge to include every aspect of medical care. If you need blood drawn, our online doctors will send you directly to the nearest lab facility. The future is here. The patient is now able to skip the typical doctor visit, even for longer-term management for diabetes and other ailments where blood work and testing is more necessary.

Yes, GuruMD is also able to provide orders for just about any ailment. However, for true emergent (live & death) issues, please seek Emergency care or call 911.

For any non-emergent problem or ailment, visit the online doctors at GuruMD via our app which allows patients to visit face-to-face via video chat anywhere in Texas and New Mexico! Or start a visit from our website at www.gurumd.net. You can always give GuruMD a phone call!! That’s right, day or night, call 888-348-7863 (888-3-GURUMD).

This service must be expensive. I mean healthcare is expensive!

As for the cost of a GuruMD visit. We accept most major health insurances, Heath Savings accounts and Credit cards for self-pay (cash) visits. We offer competitive rates for cash pay visits starting at $99 per visit. And yes, you read correctly. For patients with insurance, the charge is the same as your office visit copay (even after-hours). That’s right, you can save time and money by skipping the high urgent care and emergency room copays. Visit an online doctor for the cost of your office visit copay!

In addition, GuruMD often provides discounts on prescriptions, lab work, and imaging orders including CT Scans and X-rays. Healthcare is already expensive, so we work hard to keep money in your pocket any way we can. Our goal is to save you money while providing the best medical care available. 

To get started visit us at www.gurumd.net, download the GuruMD app (Google Play or the App Store) or call us directly at 888-348-7863!

We look forward to serving you soon.