Where and when can I use Telemedicine and how much does it cost?

The simple answer is, GuruMD Urgent Telemedicine can be utilized just about anywhere, anytime.

GuruMD’s app allows patients to visit face-to-face via video chat anywhere in Texas and New Mexico!

You can always give GuruMD a phone call!! That’s right, day or night, call 888-348-7863 (888-3-GURUMD)

GuruMD is also available on the Web. Just visit us at www.GuruMD.net create an account and get your Telemedicine visit underway.

As for the cost of a GuruMD visit. We accept most major health insurances, Heath Savings accounts and Credit cards for self-pay (cash) visits.

We also offer competitive rates for cash pay visits starting at $99 per visit, ask about our discounts!

GuruMD often provides discounts on prescriptions, lab work, and imaging orders including CT Scans and X-rays. Healthcare is already expensive, so we work hard to keep money in your pocket any way we can.

We look forward to serving you soon!